Stay Ready - Bum Balm

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The Stay Ready Cream is now the Bum Balm.

It’s time to take your flirt game from “interesting” to “irresistible”!

Plant-based balm that rubs in smooth on your bum, balls, and everywhere in between to elevate your natural scent for daytime or playtime. Herbs, spices, natural oils, and more come together to naturally hydrate, deodorize, and protect your skin from bacteria and odours while leaving you with an alluring scent that lasts. Creating confidence for intimate moments. 

Best for your bum, good for your body.

Enhance your skin’s appearance and restore damaged areas from any wear and tear. Our balm is Non-GMO and made with vegan ingredients making it safe for all skin types and works to reinvigorate even the driest skins. It was made and tested for your unique skin without the use of animal testing.


Photo: Erik S N Engebretsen