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Wicked Fox - His Bed Scrub

Wicked Fox - His Bed Scrub

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That smell of His Bed. That warmth. That sexiness. Now you can smell like His Bed every single morning. This soothing body scrub uses the power of Jojoba Pearls. These exfoliating pearls are made sustainably with Jojoba Oil which is a must have for your skin. Your skin will feel softer, smoother, and the scent of His Bed is subtle but will last on your skin throughout the day.

This is great to add to your booty care regime or just all over your body. 

Wicked Fox uses natural locally sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest.  Our product is proudly made in Portland. 

Size: 8 oz

Scent: Teakwood

Distilled Water
Organic Sugar
Jojoba Pearls
Jojoba Oil
CreamMaker Wax
Coco Betaine
Cetyl Alcohol
HP Starch
Teakwood Fragrance Oil

Directions to use
Use daily in the shower on those buns or all over your body. Discontinue use if allergic. Do not ingest. 

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