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Bracelet - Fuck Cancer

Bracelet - Fuck Cancer

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Elastic plastic beaded bracelet with the text “FUCK CANCER". 

All bracelets are unique, therefore we can not guarantee any color combinations. 

The bracelets are handmade in Sweden by volunteers.

All profits goes directly to the organization Ung Cancer (Young Cancer) supporting young adults affected by cancer.

Ung Cancer, or Young Cancer in English, is a non-profit organisation that works to improve living conditions for young adults living with cancer. By this we mean young adults aged 16 to 30 who have or have had cancer or who are close to someone who has or has had cancer. We work with information, education and opinion making together with young adults with cancer, as well as with authorities, the health care services and other areas of society. We create meeting places, spread information and drive the debate on pressing issues. All young adults with cancer should receive the support they are entitled to and need. No one should ever feel alone in their situation. 

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Size: approximately 7 inches

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