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Cleanr YOU

Cleanr YOU

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Cleanr YOU is a unique organic douching soap tailored for the anal cavity and made of organic and natural ingredients.

This douching solution helps you clean the anal cavity when preparing for anal sex, it helps you make this process a little less uncomfortable and make you stay Cleanr for a longer time.  


Why this is better than just water: The unique custom formula will help you cut the douching time by half, at the same time the ingredients are gentle with the delicate tissues in your bum. 

The active ingredients stimulate a faster expulsion of the residue, just a few pumps in your bulb and Cleanr YOU will make rinsing your anal cavity an easier job, leaving you with more time to feel sexy and ready :)

How to use: Add 1 full dropper of Cleanr YOU to your enema bulb of choice, add water and use douching the anal cavity, you can repeat as needed.

Bottle Size: 60ml / 2.0 oz 

Amount per bottle: 45 times 

Aroma: Neutral / No aroma added

Ingredients (neutral edition): water, saponified oil of coconut, vegetable glycerin, potassium citrate

Warning: This product is not designed for cleansing the vaginal area or other cavities. Only use Cleanr YOU to help you douche the anal cavity.

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