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FFF Socks

FFF Socks

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Fike Fike Felacio - "Quickly Quickly Suck D**k"
(Or "Pleasure of Sucking D**k")

A brand created by the two Belgrade artists Rade Stanojevic and Balsa Lekovic, who put LGBT culture in focus. 
The socks are inspired by the famous Merlinka, one of the most important personalities who, in the artists opinion, defined the concept of understanding freedom in an authentic way, clearly expressing it in public space, these artists wanted to show erotica through their clothes.

Vjeran Miladinović Merlinka was a transgrender sexworker and actor that was killed in 2003. 

Fike Fike Felacio - we're all thinking it anyway..

White Cotton Sport Socks. One size, fits most. 
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