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"Human Behind The Penis" - Bookmarks

"Human Behind The Penis" - Bookmarks

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These bookmarks might distract you from the actual book.

Knobs from the book "Human Behind The Penis" by Jonas Norén are made into unique bookmarks. 

The 3 bookmarks portrays 3 of the book's 106 erected penises.

Hiding behind the photos is a variety of different personalities, occupations, body types and stories from life. They all come from different backgrounds, sexual orientations and lifestyles. What they do have in common is that they are all portrayed in the same way, and that they all are anonymous!


– Many men have insecurities about how their penises look, and compare themselves with actors from pornography. It creates feelings of shame and insecurity. Within pornography the actors most often has a big and straight penis, and in other context, you most often get to see soft penises. With this I wanted to show many different types of erected penises, that all are beautiful in their own way, says Jonas Norén. 


Photo and text by Jonas Norén

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