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Pure For Men - Powder

Pure For Men - Powder

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Experience the non-capsule (Powder) version of Pure for Men with Aloe. A great way to add fiber to your diet every day. With just a scoop of Pure for Men stirred into a glass of water or a favorite shake, enjoy the multi-health benefits of fiber and keep your runway clear for landing. #STAYREADY


Stirr Pure for Men in a glass of water, or in a shaker, twice daily with water. Once fully hydrated, the Chia, Flaxseed, Psyllium and Aloe inside of each capsule swell to form a soft-but-solid mass. The expanded fiber begins to pass safely through your digestive tract, binding to food particles and any waste left along the way. The process is a lot like a soft sponge cleaning up behind your meals, providing an excellent medium to help maintain the flow of elimination and keep your runway “clear for landing”.

Fiber is highly recommended as part of a healthy diet by doctors everywhere but the average adult consumes less than half of the recommended dose each day. While there are natural ways to increase fiber intake, many foods can cause gas and bloating.

Here are a few of the many benefits of dietary fiber:

  • Gives bulk and form to your bowel movements

  • Picks up excess debris left in your digestive tract

  • Lowers your risk of heart disease

No amount of last-minute prep (e.g. enemas, douching, etc.) will keep you 100% clean if you have a crappy diet. There’s only one way to keep your runway clear for landing: Fiber.

Follow these steps to ensure you are prepared for game time:

  1. Stirr Pure for Men in a glass of water, or in a shaker, twice a day

  2. Take a quick shower before play time and clean out, business as usual.

  3. Enjoy a worry-free experience courtesy of Pure for Men!

Pure for men is the perfect solution for men on the go, providing much needed fiber without the hassle of watching everything you eat.

Photo: Erik S N Engebretsen 

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