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Wicked Fox - Cookies & Cream Sweet Hole

Wicked Fox - Cookies & Cream Sweet Hole

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Make your booty hole taste like sweet taste of Cookies & Cream. This Cookies & Cream flavored butter can be applied directly to your booty hole - or rubbed into anywhere on your skin. The subtle flavor of Cookies & Cream will be left behind. You can feel more confident while he's going to town.

Wicked Fox uses cruelty free and organic ingredients. Our products are proudly made in Portland, Oregon.

Size: 2 oz

Flavor/Scent: Cookies & Cream

What Cookies & Cream Sweet Hole does: Flavor your skin - anywhere. Think of it like a lip balm for your other set of lips. Don't eat on its own. This organic products uses a simple set of ingredients. Be confident while he's enjoying you.

Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Beeswax
Emulsifying Wax
Organic Grapeseed Oil
Cookies & Cream Flavor Oil
Phenoxyethanol (Green Tea Extract)

Directions to use
Use anywhere including your booty hole to give it a subtle flavor boost. More enjoyable when massaged into your skin. For best results, wash your bootyhole before use & don't double dip into the jar. Think of it like a lip balm - don't just eat the product plain! Keep in a cool, dry place. Discontinue use if allergic. Have fun! 

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