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Wicked Fox - Tender Hole

Wicked Fox - Tender Hole

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Planning a special night out? Having a few too many friends over? Tender Hole is for you. Made with soothing ingredients that help heal and relax your body - Tender Hole is what your booty needs. 

Wicked Fox uses cruelty free and organic ingredients. Our products are proudly made in Portland, Oregon.

Size: 2 oz

Scent: Lavender & Helichrysum 

What Tender Hole does: Help heal and sooth your skin. Do not use in place of medical treatment. For external use only. 

White Petrolatum USP
Organic Aloe Vera
Organic Lavender Oil
Organic Helichrysum 

Directions to use

Apply to your booty hole after a night out. For external use only. Do not use instead of medical attention. Seek medical attention for prolapse, bleeding, fistula, or pain you are experiencing.

Discontinue use if allergic. A little is all you need.

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